A friendly company that provides a kit hire for anyone working with the moving image. The unit they base themselves in also doubles as a museum of items belonging to a bygone age of filmmaking.

When introduced to them, they had assumptions that new computers would be needed due to daily clunking, crunching and waiting for things to start. They also had an in-house software setup that was complicated and beyond the needs of the employees. On top of this, gadgets for sound, printing and backup were not patched into the whole system in the most optimal way.

Starting with an after-hours visit to look at all the machines, We proposed an entire solution that could be implemented over a long weekend.

No new machines were purchased, instead the existing Macs were taken apart and upgraded and then re-installed from scratch with a whole new ‘map’ of where the company documents should be stored/backed-up and shared from.

All the gadgets were re-thought and put in place in logical ways to get the most out of the system, and we also even took to making all the clutter of cables shrink down to almost nothing, revealing once more the grand desk in place when you first walk in.

*Detailed hardware refresh/ affordable bespoke upgrade.

*Full software (operating system etc) refresh and detailed data clean-up (including saving out of control iCloud/Google Calendars)

*Cosmetic and practical new device placement and super cable-tidy/hide.