Introduced to me in 2011, these award-winning providers of arts education for children who otherwise might not receive it; Artburst are an organisation that have impressed me with their creativity in doing so much with so little. Therefore it was only right that I presented a technology solution for them under that same ethos.

The situation with how Artburst organised their many emails, calendars and 1000’s of documents that go into running such a worthwhile enterprise, was one that had received very little attention until our meeting.

Putting together a package that included taking all their information and protecting it, then starting from scratch refreshed all their hardware at an unbelievably low price.

From this point, we introduced new ways to be productive and to communicate within the company* and fit all the previous information back into these new services.

I return for housekeeping and setting up new desks/ temporary employees that need patching into the technical environment. All work is continued under my pay-as-you-go arrangement.

* Protected user accounts on each machine

* Mac/PC hybrid environment

* Communications migrated to Google Apps, seamless setup on web/computer/smartphones

* Professional Dropbox management

* Remote login for support enquiries