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The solutions that I provide for technology are as vital today as the services of a gardener or a plumber. I have years of experience developing and implementing technology solutions, I don’t charge the Earth, and existing customers pass my details on with the highest endorsement of being “a really useful person to know”

Getting your technology truly tamed undoubtedly improves productivity, wastes less time searching for things, and ultimately means more time for you

With computers and early software being built around me, I grew up being encouraged to wonder how things work. Sometimes sat amongst broken mechanical toys, little failures taught me a lot about knowing when to take a step back before rushing in to succeed

Now, having spent many years within industries where technology is relied upon (though often misused), I’ve developed a clear understanding of what works best in differing situations. Focusing firmly on simplicity – I provide a best-fit around software, gadgets, online services, and most importantly furthering your own confidence in technology

Having established working relationships with other experts whose knowledge is shared – If your enquiry leads into a job that’s mainly the expertise of others, I act as a trusted introduction service for a tiny fee

No job is too small, some of course are too big so that’s why help is generally for organisations of 1-9 employees. This can also include learner-led discovery of home, work, and play applications as well as the important practicality of how to tidy tech clutter and the infamous trail of wires…


Give me a call on the mobile, leave a message if I cannot answer. Contact me by email anytime, and I will respond to your enquiry within 48 hrs. I am generally working Monday-Friday 9-630, but I am also a present parent, so often do half days and work over weekends on projects that require it. Thanks, TFC

  • Address: Highbury, Highgate, Crouch End and Further
  • Phone: +44 7989850569
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